Prof. Dr. Boris Aleshin
Prof. Dr. Boris Aleshin
President of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

On behalf of the hosts, I am happy to welcome you on the official website of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress!!

The aerospace industry is one of the important drivers of the Russian economy, and it faces major and complex challenges. With environmental requirements to modern technology and industrial products radically increasing, and new ESG agenda raising the bar even further, with industries switching to electric and hybrid powertrains and new types of fuel, with demand for unmanned and robotic crafts and industrial products skyrocketing, with multiple countries developing next generation supersonic passenger aircrafts, Russian enterprises have to radically review their cooperation patterns, form new partnerships and explore new potential markets for their products. On the other hand, new incredible opportunities are opening for us.

We are now facing tangible opportunity not only to overcome technological dependency, but also to ensure outperforming growth rates for our scientific and technological industries. Russia can become a leader in the unprecedented scientific, engineering and technological race, and take a prize-winning place. The awards in this competition are the economic power of the state, the prosperity of its citizens, security, and ability to pursue truly independent foreign policy.

This puts a great responsibility on the top management of scientific and producing entities of our industry, as well as members of scientific, educational, industrial and expert communities in common. Together, we must identify the key challenges and opportunities, and outline the strategy for the aerospace industry. The Eurasian Aerospace Congress, being the leading and most established discussion platform, and featuring high-profile participants, forward-looking agenda and overall constructive mood, offers us a great opportunity to move forward and reach these goals.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Congress, I invite my colleagues and all like-minded people, our old and future partners to participate in the event. See you soon in Moscow, at our Fifth Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

Prof. Dr.  Denis Manturov
Prof. Dr. Denis Manturov
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Dear Friends!

For the fifth time, the Eurasian Aerospace Congress welcomes representatives of leading enterprises and organizations of the aerospace industry, scientific and educational communities, and various experts to discuss new paths for future development of the high-tech industry in a businesslike and constructive atmosphere.

The past year 2022 showed that unprecedented sanctions did not succeed in destroying the Russian economy and did not result in its full-scale isolation. On the contrary, they provided grounds for its accelerated development and opened new opportunities for us. Russian aerospace industry is switching to domestic parts and components, as well as domestic software. It is important to note, that our success in accelerated switching to domestic products and import substitution processes did not appear overnight. Each and every new domestic system or product has a decade-long history of hard large-scale work of our enterprises and institutions. Indeed, our industry demonstrated its outstanding abilities and impressive breakthroughs, such as fully domestically manufactured composite wing for the new MS-21-310 aircraft, the fifth-generation PD-14 engine with completed certification process and the PD-8 engine, which is to complete certification in the near future, dozens of new systems for modern aircraft and so on.

The fact that some Western manufacturers have refused to work with Russia and left the Russian market not only greatly contributed to switching to domestic products, parts, and components, but also created the most favorable conditions for the industry to develop in order to meet the needs of Russian operators in regard to modern, cost effective and environmentally friendly aircrafts of various sizes and configurations. The space industry faces similar situation: the demand for spacecraft and space launch vehicles has multiplied. Therefore, the discussions on the sidelines of the Congress are bound to be focused on creating advanced production facilities, building new cooperation and supply chains, training and recruiting personnel. Our immediate task is to transform the existing potential into the production of competitive products that meet market requirements.

As in previous years, this Eurasian Aerospace Congress is focused on creating new strategy and tactics taking full account of current situation and able to catch forming and future trends and developments. That is why a fruitful dialogue of all interested parties is so important. And to that aim we seek to ensure the participation of the scientific and expert community, as well as managers of all kinds including those organizing and conducting the scientific and industrial activities, implementing strategic programs and corporate projects.

I have no doubt that participation in the Congress will be of great value to the participants helping them to strengthen their business connections. And the event will promote industrial, scientific, and educational activities, strengthen the market position of Russian companies, and contribute to developing mutually beneficial international cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Yury Borisov
Prof. Dr. Yury Borisov
General Director of the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS

Dear colleagues, organizers, participants and guests of the Fifth Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The Congress is a key forum to search for and to discuss practical solutions for cooperation in the aviation and space industries in the Eurasian region.

Eurasian Aerospace Congress offers a great opportunity to unite leading experts in areas like development and operation of space rockets and other systems, manmade Earth satellites, manned orbital systems, and ground-based space infrastructure. Therefore, by offering wide range of opportunities for scientific and business talks, the Congress will contribute to consolidated effort of science, business circles, and state authorities, aimed to achieve both strategic and applied goals of the aerospace industry, as well as solve challenges the industry is currently facing and define new trends for the space industry development in XXI century.

In Russian Federation, the space industry provides significant contribution to the development of scientific research and science-intensive industries, and is among high-level priorities for the Russian state policies.

We must also seek for solution of pressing issues arising in the space industry due to the high pace of technological development and new challenges constantly emerging in our world.

These tasks relate both to manned and unmanned missions to space, scientific and applied space research, creating new space technologies and solutions, remote probing of Earth from the orbit and introducing the results of space activities to various areas of economies of different states.

Currently, as scientific potential in the Eurasian Economic Union states as well as interest in the space activity is strengthening, the trends and incentives to move from bilateral to multilateral cooperation will develop further.

The Congress’ program and agenda reflect current landscape in the industry, and the upcoming speeches and presentations, consultations and opinion exchanges promise to be useful.

I hope, that the decisions taken at the Congress will contribute to raising efficiency of cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union states in regard to space industry.

I wish all participants of the Congress fruitful work!