Dmitry Azarov
Dmitry Azarov
Governor of Samara Region

Dear Participants and Guests,

I am happy to welcome you at the Third Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The aerospace sector is the core element, flagship of and an honour to the economy of the Samara Region. Over many decades, the Samara Region has been among the largest global rocket-engineering clusters. On board a launch vehicle made here, Yuri Gagarin opened the way to space to the humankind, and it is Samara-made Soyuz engines that for more fifty years have been the heart of Russian crewed spacecraft. To a large extent the achievements of the Russian space sector are due to a high level of development of rocket engine manufacture in Samara.

In the modern context, the key objective we face is to improve competitiveness of the aerospace sector of the Region and give a fresh impetus to developing regional rocket engineering.

Every second year, the Government of the Samara Region has been a co-organizer of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress together with the Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters and assisted in holding the Congress. Over the years of existence, the Congress has become the largest and most significant event on problems of managing the global aerospace industry in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and a major business event of the International Aviation and Space Salon.

The Congress is an important market tool for developing business relationships, fostering manufacture, and establishing a favourable investment climate. 

I am assured that the format of the event will enable meaningful business communications among and between participants and  sharing experience at the intersectoral industrial forum.

May all participants of the Congress develop new ideas, work fruitfully and attain their objectives!

Dmitry Rogozin
Dmitry Rogozin
General Director of the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS

On behalf of the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS I welcome participants of the Third Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The Eurasian Aerospace Congress has been a forum for leading professionals, experts and managers who shape the present configuration and the future of the aerospace industry. The constructive and motivated dialogue at Congress areas evidences that the industry’s representatives see here opportunities for discussing top-priority problems and contribute to the shaping of proposals on key issues of developing the industry.

The State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS has to attain a multitude of ambitious tasks related to developing crewed space flights, securing presence in commercial markets and making the humankind’s long-nurtured dream, the expansion to the Moon and Mars, come true. A prerequisite for achieving the lofty goals is the creation of state-of-the-art launch vehicles, spacecraft and ground infrastructure. And the foundation for future successes is unceasing work to build human capacity and improve the quality of operations in the rocket and space industry. I have no doubt that the Congress with contribute to the implementation of new plans, develop international information exchange and strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation and business relationships.

I wish fruitful contacts and success in implementing new projects to all participants of the Third Eurasian Aerospace Congress.

Oleg Bocharov
Oleg Bocharov
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation I welcome participants and organizers of the Third Eurasian Aerospace Congress.

Over the recent years the Congress has become an important event in our business life; from year to year it has been attended by representatives of companies from the aviation and space industry, related industries and scientific and educational institutions of Russia, other former Soviet republics and countries outside the former Soviet Union.

Today the aviation industry experiences a large-scale transformation to enhance performance and competitiveness. Digitalization, which is to embrace all stages of the product lifecycle, should be among its drivers. Sharing experience in how to transform the production model, develop human resources and accomplish retooling is much in demand. No doubt that presentations on how to build new mechanisms for interacting with fundamental and sectoral research will be of interest to delegates as well.

Also on the agenda is a broad range of issues of diversification in the defence industry, designing efficient mechanisms to support the export of products manufactured in high-tech sectors, boosting demand in the domestic market and building cooperation with our foreign partners.

I wish efficient and fruitful work and interesting encounters to forum participants.

Alexey Lavrov
Alexey Lavrov
Counsel Chairman Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters

Dear Colleagues,

The global aerospace sector is at the threshold of an industrial revolution that should drastically reduce costs of designing and manufacturing new equipment samples but, at the same time, make materially higher the barrier to entry for those aspiring to become part of the club of aviation and space-faring nations. To protect and strengthen positions is a key objective faced by Russian manufacturers.

The upcoming Third Eurasian Aerospace Congress should facilitate search for responses to challenges of modernity. Its plenary and breakout sessions, roundtables, and other events will be attended by more than 600 delegates from 25 countries of the world.

Traditionally, we have been placing a priority on issues of improving management in the sector. A key to success is to select right goals, use resources efficiently, and build intrasectoral relationships and chains of cooperation. These issues will be discussed by attendees of the plenary session «Strategic changes in the global aerospace industry: new management challenges and prospects».

A key objective of the Congress is to strengthen cooperation among companies from the manufacturing sector and the scientific one. The dialogue between science and manufacture, which started at the Congress two years ago in the new format of a plenary thematic session, will now continue. This is the year of two anniversaries, namely the 60th anniversary of Information Satellite Systems, Russia’s leading satellite-making, and the 95th anniversary of Academician M.F. Reshetnev, its founder; and by dedicating the plenary session «Technologies of innovations» to these remarkable dates, we, apart from paying tribute to pioneers of establishing satellite communication, broadcasting, navigation, and Earth survey systems, focus on development prospects of the aerospace sector, on efficient mechanisms for interaction between science and manufacture, and on innovations that will shape the sector in the decades immediately ahead.

In the era of rapid transformations it is important to always keep abreast of developments so as to timely identify new opportunities and respond to challenges. From year to year, events by the Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters have been gathering together leading professionals and experts in aerospace sector management. After last year’s conference in Astana, the baton is being taken over by the Eurasian Aerospace Congress, which in 2019 will be hosted at a new site, in the very heart of Moscow.

I am sure we have intensive, fruitful work and a lot of interesting encounters ahead of us, which will result in new joint projects and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

On behalf of organizers of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress I wish success, outstanding performance and all the best to participants and guests!